Shuku Shuku | West Africa

Shuku Shuku is basically coconut balls or coconut macaroon like dessert. Popular in West Africa, in particular Nigeria, this coconut dessert will satisfy any coconut lover’s desire. It is chewy, sweet, and can serve as a quick sugar fix for any coconut lover with a sweet tooth.

This bite size treat is highly addictive and super easy to make so we hope you will choose to give it a try and make a part of your regular line up of home made snacks or treats.


1 1/4 cup sweet coconut flakes or chaff
4 1/2 Tbsp extra fine sugar or Caster Sugar
1/4 cup Coconut flour
3 egg yolks

1. Preheat oven to 350⁰F or 175⁰C for approximately ten minutes.
2. In a medium bowl, mix coconut flakes, sugar, and egg yolks.
3. With a small scoop, scoop out half dollar sized ball of your coconut mix and set aside in a baking pan.
4. Roll each bal into coconut flour and place onto a baking sheet 2 to 3 inches apart.
5. Bake in preheated oven for about 18 minutes or until golden brown.

6. Enjoy with your favorite cup of Java or Tea and savor every delicious bite.  This treat is absolutely tasty and super delish so don’t shy away from giving it a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

For Your Enjoyment Always and…. Happy Snacking! 

Note: coconut chaff or flakes is simply grated fresh coconut meat of a matured coconut.


Avena (which means oat in Spanish) is a drink that is best known in South America and some parts of Mexico. But as with many dishes or foods around the world (beverages included), each country often has its own spin on things.

In the following recipe, we make it easy for you to choose or take your pick of which version to make.



1 cup water

½ cup milk

2-3 Tbsp Oatmeal

1 ½ Tbsp white sugar (or brown sugar)

1 tsp butter (optional*)

1-3 while cloves

¼ tsp fresh ginger (optional**)

½ tsp lemon or orange zest (optional**)

1 cinnamon stick or ¼ tsp cinnamon

½ stick of vanilla or ¼ tsp vanilla extract

1 pinch salt

* Puerto Rican version

** Dominican version


1. Boil water and milk in a saucepan.

2. Add in the 2 to 3 tablespoons of Oatmeal.

3. You can also mix oatmeal with water and milk and blend well prior to cooking.

4. Bring mixture to a boil.

5. Cook until slightly thickened for approximately 15 to 20 minutes on medium high. Or until liquid is reduced by a fourth of the way or to desired thickness.

6. Turn down

7. Add in your spices (cloves, ginger cinnamon, vanilla) and butter if you choose to make the Puerto Rican version or you can. If you are making the Dominicanian version, you can add in your ginger and citrus peels.

8. Let mixture simmer on low for 5 more minutes.

9. Add a pinch of salt.

10. If using cinnamon stick, remove the cinnamon stick before those 5 minutes are up to prevent too much of a cinnamon flavor. Also, if using citrus peels you can remove them also.

11. Add sugar to taste.

12. You can blend mixture if you didn’t in the beginning once it is cool enough. Or let the oat meal settle to the bottom and enjoy the beverage.

This is great as a breakfast or a light snack in between meals. You can sprinkle a touch of cinnamon before drinking or enjoy as is.

Note: It is best served warm. Refrigerate any leftovers for up to 3 days. You can double this recipe if needed.

Breaded Fish Balls

Here is a wonderful recipe from the continent of Africa, in particular, West Africa, Sierra Leone. This is a recipe for a beautiful side dish and snack we love to prepare and would like to share with all of our delightful readers out there.

Be sure to give it a try and share or post a comment below.


2.5 lbs steamed (herring) fish - deboned

1/4 cup Irish potatoes boiled & mashed (to make fish firm)

1 habanero pepper finely chopped

1/2 onion finely chopped

4-5 garlic cloves minced

1/4 tsp salt (or to taste)

2 beaten eggs

3/4 - 1 cup planko bread crumbs or regular bread crumbs (optional)

2 - 3 cups vegetable oil


1. Debone your fish (almost any fish will do).
2. Seasoned fish to your taste with salt, garlic powder, black pepper, and onion powder.
3. Steam the fish for 5 to 10 minutes.
4. Break up your fish into small pieces.
5. Chop your onions and pepper and add to fish.
6. Mince your garlic and combine with fish mixture.
7. Place fish mixture in your processor and pulse until coarsely blended.
8. Place your fish mixture in a medium bowl.
9. And add in your mashed Irish potatoes to create a firmer base.
10. Add salt. And combine all ingredients well. Then roll into balls.
11. Beat the eggs and set aside (you can skip this step if you are choosing to not bread your fish balls).

12. Dip each ball into the beaten eggs (you can also skip this step if you are choosing to not bread your fish balls).

13. Set the fish balls aside on a tray until you have a full batch ready to be breaded.
14. Dip each fish ball into your bread crumbs.
15. In a medium Dutch oven, heat up your oil and get ready to fry those delicious fish snacks. (Tip: Heat up your oil while you bread the fish balls).
16. Fry until light to medium brown & surface of fish balls look dry.
17. Stir often with chopsticks to prevent burning. Don't use spoon so fish balls do not break apart.
18. Enjoy as a snack or get creative and make it into a sandwich.

Hope you enjoy this recipe.

Let us know what you think and be sure to give us your feedback in the comment section below.


Salt Fish Fritters Snack

Here is a lovely, hearty snack for you to enjoy – Salt Fish Fritters! We tweaked this Jamaican fried snack just a bit. But the overall flavor is still a wonderful treat for anyone seeking new foods to try. So, do give it a try… you will be happy you did!




[ ] 1/4 lb salt fish (skin removed) washed & soaked overnight, deboned & break into small pieces. Wash with water & drain it at least three times, then boil for 5 to 6 minutes.
[ ] 1 small shallot diced
[ ] 1 pinch of dried thyme leaves (powder is best)
[ ] 1.5 cup flour
[ ] 2 medium tomatoes diced
[ ] 1 small scallion
[ ] .5 tsp baking powder
[ ] A pinch of minced scotch bonnet (optional)
[ ] 1 pinch black pepper or white (spicier)
[ ] 1 garlic clove crushed
[ ] 1/8 tsp dried basil (optional)
[ ] 3/4 cup water
[ ] 2 Tbsp crab meat (optional)
[ ] 1/4 cup oil for frying (on highest heat to avoid oil being sopped up)


NOTE: You can replace meat for cooked callaloo (green amaranth or red), 1/2 a cup (chopped or blended*) will work, just be sure to drain any excess water liquid.

*You can blend your greens (or grind in mortar) and let them drain a bit before adding into your batter . Add in your salt fish or cod fish.

In a medium  bowl,  add flour and your baking powder, then add in water.

Add in water, 1/4 of a cup at a time, to make sure batter is a desired thickness. Add in your chopped tomatoes and other ingredients.

Your batter should be medium thick like oatmeal.



Drop by the spoonfuls into preheated / hot oil and fry until golden brown. Fry until edges are go brown- about 3-4 min.

Serve with a side of fried plantains or enjoy by themselves as a hearty snack.

Flavor Packed Chicken Nuggets


3.5 lbs Minced or ground chicken (boneless thighs and breasts)

1 Tbsp Garlic powder

1 Tbsp Paprika

1.5 Tbsp Soya sauce

1 Tbsp Lemon juice

1/2 Tbsp onion powder

1/2 tsp Salt (to taste)

1/2 tsp Black pepper

1/4 tsp White pepper*

1/4 tsp mustard powder

2 Tbsp Olive Oil or Vegetable oil



*Use less if you prefer a mild flavor when it comes to spiciness.

Batter for Frying:

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 large egg

1/2 cup arrowroot starch or cornstarch

3/4 cup milk (can reduce or increase depending on how thick you want your batter)

1/2 Tbsp baking powder

2-3 Tbsp cold water

black pepper (up to 1/4 tsp or to taste)

3 cups vegetable or canola oil (for frying)

2 cups  bread crumbs


*Use less if you prefer a mild flavor when it comes to spiciness.


Add your spices to ground chicken. Mix well, then add mustard powder and oil. Mix until well combined.

Let marinate for 1 hr.


In a large bowl, mix all-purpose flour, corn starch or arrowroot, egg, milk (add enough to make a medium pancake like batter), mix well.

Add baking powder.

Batter should be a  medium thick consistency.

Add a pinch or two of black pepper to the batter.

Add in some cold water and stir well. Batter should be a thinner, pancake like or runny consistency.


In a separate bowl, POUR some bread crumbs.

Roll your ground chicken into balls and lightly pressing down on them to flatten slightly.

Dip them in batter and then roll them in bread crumbs.

Set aside until you have enough chicken nuggets prepared for frying.



Heat up some canola or vegetable oil in a wok or cast iron skillet (a wok is best so you can slide or drop nuggets down the sides but isn’t necessary if you have a decent sized frying basket or spoon) .

Fry nuggets for 10 minutes or until golden brown in heated canola or vegetable oil.

Serve while still hot.

Enjoy them with your favorite condiments or even with a side of French fries.

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