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When it comes to cooking small quantities of food I find myself often reaching for this wok made by Lodge. This wok is so convenient to use and makes meal prepping fun. It is great for making stir-fries and a variety of dishes. In my opinion, cast iron woks are one of the best woks and a fantastic cookware to use for day to day home cooking.


Lodge 9-inch Wok braised meat and veggies

Three Fantastic Cast Iron Woks

To follow are three cast iron woks I know to be fantastic when it comes to meal preps at home.  Your possibilities are endless when it comes to the meal she can prepare with one of these beauties. But one thing I know for sure is that when it comes to stir-fries there is definitely an extra touch of flavor that only cast iron can impart.


Lodge’s  9″ Mini Wok Horse

Though it is only 9 inches in diameter I find the work very useful when it comes to making family meals. Whether using it to make sides or even the main course,  this nine inch wok by Lodge is quite handy.

I use it for braising and even slow cooking soups and stews. I just use the lid from one of my other pots to cover it. There are so many creative ways to use this cookware, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Definitely, a great addition to any cast iron lover’s collection – it is just one of those cast iron cookwares that can inspire the chef in all of us.


Kasian House also makes a very good wok that is 12 in diameter and is fantastic for making larger family meals. This cast iron wok is great for preparing meals for three to four people. Improving your quality of cooking, especially when it comes to stir frys is what cast iron Wok’s  are  great  at doing.  With this wok, you will be able to make larger batches of stir fries or whatever meals you so choose.

An added bonus to purchasing this wok is that you will have a lid. The version currently available on Amazon comes with a nice Cedarwood lid. Which is a great deal since most woks do not come with a lid, especially woks of this size.



Below is another wok from Lodge. This wok is comparable to the Kasian House Wok and is a great size for medium to large-sized  families.

However, it is bigger than the aforementioned Kasian House Wok. And it is 14 inches in diameter, so it will definitely make short  work of preparing large meals. So, if you are looking for a large cast iron wok then Lodge’s 14″ wok will be a great buy.



When used correctly and well cared for, cast iron woks can be a beauty.  And although it may be a bit intimidating to use, cast iron woks are still a great addition to any kitchen. So, take into account the highlights mentioned in this post and make your  decision. You will love it!

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