Stainless Steel Scrubbers

These stainless steel chain scrubbers (otherwise known as chainmail scrubbers) are great for cleaning off stubborn baked in food particles. Great for use with stainless steel pots and pans, as well as, cast iron cookware and bakeware such as the one pictured in the video below.

Everyone knows that cast iron is notoriously hard to clean when it comes to stuck on eggs, but chainmail scrubbers make cleanup ten times easier.

I was doubtful at first, but once I put this stainless steel scrubber (a.k.a the Ringer) to use, I wished I had purchased one sooner.

Be sure to give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments section .

Aebleskiver Pan

This pan is great for a change of pace when it comes to breakfast. Switch things up and make your morning breakfast pancakes into something more exciting and the topic of conversation at your breakfast table.

Lodge makes a fantastic aebleskiver pan that will help you make Danish pancake balls (aebleskiver) for your morning breakfast.

Get this pan well seasoned and you will find yourself reaching for it often. When it comes to making aebleskiver, plenty of butter or oil will do the trick. Click here for a good aebleskiver recipe.

Fluted Cake Pan – Lodge Cast Iron


Price: $69.99 to $80
Size: 13 Cups
Available: Lodge
Place of Manufacturer: USA
Rating: 10 out of 10

A return of a favorite in Lodge’s line of cast iron products, Lodge’s Fluted Cake Pan is a great addition to the collection of any cast iron lover or fanatic.


I had always wanted a cast iron bundt cake pan and well, I was more than happy to purchase Lodge’s Fluted Cake Pan; so glad they decided to bring this back!



This pan came pre-seasoned, so I happily went to work baking after a quick wash. The result was a fantastically moist, mouthwatering cake.



I am certainly a fan of this pan, because for the first time ever, I successfully made a bundt cake without any issues. My old bundt cake pan was a non-stick coated aluminum pan, and for some reason my tried and true bundt cake recipes just never came out right. Now, I gladly experiment with various recipes (not just cake, great for cinnamon rolls, monkey breads, and much more).

The Fluted Cake Pan by Lodge is most certainly a great addition to any baker’s kitchen.